Inspiration, mentors, traveling companions

From the wisdom of oxen: We're stronger when we pull together.  Here are some of the people who keep me strong.

Who do you turn to? Please add us to your list. Call, email, come for a visit. We can talk cows until --well -- until the cows come home. And then it's time for chores.


W Berry book cover.jpg

Wendell Berry

What it means to belong to a place on earth, living as a "settled husbander of a cherished home place." Most recently (2017), The Art of Loading Brush--New Agrarian Writings.

D Kline book cover.jpg

David Kline

Thoughts about the community of all living things, from a fellow delegate to the (1996) Second Luddite Congress in Barnesville, OH. See also Great Possessions: An Amish Farmer's Journal (1985/2001).

Wessels book cover.jpg

Tom Wessels

Deciphering and interpreting the ecological history of our region. Reading the Forested Landscape--A Natural History of New England (1997).

Sanborn Mills Farm.jpg

Sanborn Mills Farm

A traditional NH farm and nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainability, creativity, and preserving folklife and agricultural knowledge so that the best of the past can help shape our future.   Loudon, NH: workshops with Tim Huppe, master ox teamster.

A1 HHHD logo 1 cropped close.jpg

Deborah Dugan

Artist, fellow explorer, and creator of the watercolor portrait© of the Honey Hill American Milking Devon.

Monadnock Buy Local.jpg

Monadnock Buy Local   

A network of businesses, organizations and citizens building a more local, green and fair economy in the Monadnock Region.

Montgomery cover improved.jpg

David R. Montgomery

Conserving and encouraging the microbes that transform dirt into soil.

Ray Clark.jpg

Ray Clark

Cattleman, Devon expert and keeper of the AMD flame. Active member of the American Milking Devon Cattle Association. Milking

MC logo.jpg

Monadnock Conservancy

A land trust for southwestern NH: "Together, protecting forever the land we love."

Monadnock Farm & Community Coalition.png

Monadnock Farm & Community Coalition

Building a sustainable local food system in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire.

Mike J w sheep 2016.jpg

Mike Johnson

Making it all look easy, with ingenuity, generosity, good humor, bottomless experience and constant encouragement.  Ridgehill Farm, Swanzey, NH.

portrait RAL + Ike.jpg

Rick Lewis

Contractor, Realtor, cycling instructor, woodworker, inventor, hoof trimmer, teamster. . . Rick is as versatile as a Devon. And as much fun. Above, artist Tim Campbell's rendition© of Rick and Ike.

JMT painting.jpg

Jeanne Maguire Thieme

Artist, champion of community, and creator of Break Time© (banner, above), along with many other renditions of Swanzey cattle.


Animal Welfare Approved

AWA audits, certifies and supports independent family farmers raising their animals according to the highest animal welfare standards, outdoors on pasture or range.